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July 29, 2006
July 29th, 2006

Birthdays: Alex de Tocqueville, Benito Mussolini, Grigori Rasputin The Mad Monk, Clara Bow, Natalie Wood, Paul Taylor, Sig Romberg, Dag Hammarskjold, Peter Jennings, Michael Spinks, Ken Burns, Booth Tarkington, Professor Irwin Corey, David Warner, Steven Dorff

1927-Dr Phillip Drinker and Dr Louis Shaw installed the first Iron Lung breathing apparatus at Bellevue Hospital in New York, giving Bob Clampett lots of ideas for sick jones in his Daffy Duck cartoons.

1936 - RCA shows 1st real TV program: dancing, a film on locomotives, a Bonwit Teller fashion show & monologue from the Tobacco Road radio comedy show.

1942- Orson Welles leaves Rio De Janiero after RKO fires him and stops production of "It's All True". They also have “the Magnificent Ambersons” re-cut to a more acceptable 90 minutes.

1948- Animation assistant Hank Ketcham had left Walt Disney Studio after the 1941 Strike. After a stint in the Navy cryptographic unit he moved to NY and tried selling cartoons to The New Yorker Magazine. While he worked his baby son Dennis drove his wife crazy. One day after the kid smeared the contents of his diaper across the dining room Mom exclaimed in frustration " YOUR SON IS A MENACE!" This gave Ketcham an idea. Today the comic strip "Dennis the Menace," premiered.

1962- The film “Dr No” premiered, introducing the world to the suave spy James Bond 007 played by actor Sean Connery.

1987- Ice cream makers Ben & Jerry announce the flavor Cherry Garcia, named for rock singer Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead.