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E. Meissonier, courtesy of

Plans for Book Signing appearances for DRAWING THE LINE are currently being finalized for Nov-December at UCLA, USC, the Cartoon Museum in San Francisco and the School of Visual Arts in New York. We're inviting ASIFA/Hollywood, ASIFA/SF and ASIFA/East to make them all a fun reunion. Our first looks like it will be at Gordon Beirsch in Burbank on Good Luck Friday the 13th of October,courtesy of Creative Talent Network. I'm preparing a powerpoint talk with some images that didn't get into the book in time.

Stay tooned to this station for more developments. And when they come you're all welcome to drop in. I and my comrades will spin you some more ribald tales of Days of Yore when Animators were Animators and they didn't trust you if you weren't a Scotch drinker