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January 18, 2008 friday
January 18th, 2008

Quiz: What is the origin of the phrase- No Strings Attached?

Yesterday’s Question answered below: What is meant by saying you’re way out in the boondocks?
HISTORY FOR 1/18/2008
Birthdays: Daniel Webster, A.A.Milne, Joseph Glidden, Oliver Hardy, Cary Grant real name Archibald Leech, Danny Kaye, Emmanuel Chabrier, Bobby Goldsboro, Pierre Roget (Roget’s Thesaurus), Ray Dolby (Dolby sound), John Boorman, Kevin Costner

In honor of Cary Grant’s Birthday (1904) One of his favorite poems was a bit of doggerel: "They bought me a box of tin soldiers,/I threw all the Generals away,/I smashed up the Sergeants and Majors,/Now I play with me Privates all day."

1787- Captain Cook lands at Kauai and "discovers" Hawaii. He named the place the Sandwich Islands after his boss John Montague the First Lord of the Admiralty the Earl of Sandwich. Montague was the gent that loved gambling so much he hated to be interrupted by dinner, so he'd just stick some meat between two slices of bread and went back to the card tables. The King of Hawaii Kamehameha III didn't think it was the spirit of Aloha to name his country after a catering truck food and after numerous squabbles between the sailors and natives Cook was killed . The ensign who rallied the shore party and got them safely home was the future Capt. Bligh.

1912- Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, "Scott of the Antarctic" reaches the South Pole to discover the Norwegian flag of Pier Ammundsen who got there first. Doh !

1949- Look Magazine published a photo essay called "Prizefighter". The photographer was a young kid from the Bronx named Stanley Kubrick. Mr Kubrick said he wanted to try filmmaking.

1953-The Hollywood Animation Guild chartered. Originally the Motion Picture Screen Cartoonists Local 839 signatories included Disney legends Milt Kahl, Les Clark, John Hench and Ken Anderson.

1962- THE FRENCH CONNECTION- NYPD cracked a drug ring smuggling heroin from South East Asia into New York via Marseilles. The French Connection bust nabbed $3.5 million in dope and made heroes out of the two detectives Eddie Egan and Sonny Grazzo. Egan joked to Grazzo:"I’ll betchya Paul Newman will play me and Ben Gazzarra you!" Actually Gene Hackman played Egan and Roy Scheider Grazzo in the Oscar winning 1971 film. Both cops retired from the force to make careers in show biz. Ironically while the film was being made the real heroin from the case disappeared from the NYPD evidence lockup and was replaced with bags of corn starch. It was never recovered.

1964-Plans are revealed for building New York City’s World Trade Center towers.

1977- The cult documentary PUMPING IRON premiered. Filmmakers George Butler and Rob Fiore maxed out his American Express card to the tune of $35,000 to bring this look at the little known world of professional body building to the screen. The film first brought to the public a charmingly confident Austrian body builder named Arnold Schwarzenegger who wanted to try acting someday. Also Lou Ferrigno who would also star in movies and as the TV Hulk. Many year later Arnold Schwarzenegger tried to buy the rights to the film so he could edit out the scenes of him smoking pot.

1978- In an interview with the Chicago Tribune, rock star Frank Zappa described most rock journalism as " People who can’t write, interviewing people who can’t talk, for people who can’t read."

1987- National Public Radio’s Weekend Edition premiered.

1990- In a room at the Vista International Hotel in Washington DC Mayor Marion Barry was videotaped by the FBI toking on a crack pipe with his mistress Rasheeda. Doh! He served time in jail but was re-elected mayor anyway.

1990- Rusty Hamer, who played Danny Thomas’ son in the t.v. show Make Room for Daddy, put a 357 Magnum to his head and pulled the trigger. He was 42.

2004- The I HAVE A SCREAM SPEECH. Democratic presidential challenger Howard Dean gave an address after losing the New Hampshire primary. Known for his energy, at one point he got so carried away he let out a jubilant yelp above the cheering throng. The media picked this up and played it to death. Soon it would be impossible to think of Dean as a serious candidate. Republican White House strategist Karl Rove later admitted it would have been much harder to defeat Howard Dean than John Kerry, but then there was that scream. Gov. Dean is currently national Democratic Party chairman.
Yesterday’s Question: What is meant by saying you’re way out in the boondocks?

Answer: Me old pal T.Dan Hofstedt nailed this one. I’ll repeat part of his answer. it's origins come from a Philipino Tagalog word that means "mountains," which originally was applied to people who were from the "bundaks," or the "mountain people" or hicks....
During World War Two U.S. Navy men picked up the slang to mean being posted out to the most isolated, God-For-Saken place possible. So “they got me way out in the Boondocks.”