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You don't have to live in Alaska to know by now that this election is going to affect your life and mine for years to come. Regardless of your political affinity, there are growing reports of voter tampering around the country. Many young people and new citizens may be having their voter registration messed with.

As me dear granmudda used ta say- Don't be screwed out of your chance to get back at all those b*stards!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Gregg Palast and cartoonist Russell Burlingame have come up with a novel way to get the word out to those feeling confused and angry... A comic book!

Download it now for free from this website -


" I can handle the bad newspaper articles, mosta my voters can't read. But stop those damn pictures!"
- William Marcy Tweed, aka Boss Tweed, about Thomas Nast's political cartoons (1871)