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Ace animator and former Hollywood Animation Guild president Tom Sito ( The Lion King, Shrek) is our knowledgeable guide in this colorful journey through the birth and evolution of artists unions in toon town. You can get the real skinny on how the Screen Cartoonists Union fought for the rights of artists in a medium that wasn't exactly embracing labor initiatives in the 20th Century. Legendary figures like Walt Disney, Chuck Jones and Max Fleischer show up in these anecdote-filled pages, which help readers get a clear understanding of many historic events (from strikes and walk-outs to blacklists and long wage negotiation battles). As we embark on a new era where artists can express themselves via new platforms, it's essential to learn about how animators banded together to earn their rightful place on the totem pole in the past decades. And Sito is just the right man to give us this perspective.
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